We believe that specializing in one area of law is the best way to serve our clients. Therefore we don’t want to be “all things to all clients”. Companies and public authorities are facing increasingly complex environmental law issues. Environmental law keeps changing at a fast pace – both technically and legally. This requires up-to-date specific knowledge, a great deal of experience, as well as creativity. With over 20 years of experience in this area of law, we distinguish ourselves as one of the premier environmental law firms in the Netherlands, not by the size of our firm, but by our competence and passion for excellence and for efficient client service. Our approach is clear, committed, solution-driven. We work closely with our clients, one on one, using plain language and giving practical, no-nonsense advice. Read more.

High level, no nonsense


Our team has decades of experience in nearly every type of interaction between businesses and government entities in the area of environmental law. Consulting, counselling, negotiating; our strategies always begin with our clients’ business goals and end with practical, actionable solutions to achieve these goals. And, if necessary, we file a lawsuit to ensure that our client’s voice is heard. We litigate complex cases in various areas of environmental law. Objection procedures, appeal procedures and requests for a provisional measure before the Dutch Courts, preliminary proceedings before the European Court of Justice. Where administrative law and the environment intersect—this is our domain. Our attorneys are experts in each niche of environmental law, including safety issues, nature conservation law, water law, spatial planning and specific areas such as biocides, pesticides, freedom of information. Our attorneys regularly lecture (in company or otherwise) and publish about these and other cutting-edge, critical environmental issues.

Planning, Nature, Water, Environment, Safety, Substances


Environmental law affects companies and public authorities in many different ways; our clients and practice reflect that diversity. We work for leading (international) companies and for a range of public authorities. Our practice varies from handling individual matters and projects to being our clients’ external centre of expertise, often in the form of a long-term partnership. If the situation so requires, we work closely with other specialists, such as ecologists, toxicologists and safety experts. The members of our team are full-time environmental lawyers, who have been trying cases, negotiating solutions, and preventing litigation for decades. Every matter we handle has one common driver: solving our clients’ environmental challenges. Few, if any, legal teams in the Netherlands match this approach. In close cooperation with our clients, we work out an approach they’re comfortable with. We provide custom-made services with a practical and no-nonsense attitude and a strong emphasis on a direct and open relationship with our clients.

(International) companies and public authorities